Mobile Home Insurance

Mobile and Mini Home insurance is very similar to your standard Homeowner insurance.

There are five main coverages included in a Mobile or Mini home Policy:

  • Building – Your Home
  • Contents – Your belongings both in the home and away from your home
  • Additional Buildings – structures not connected to you home such as a shed or detached garage
  • Additional Living Expenses – extra costs above your normal living expenses that you incur because your home is unfit to live in after an insured loss
  • Liability – bodily injury and/or property damage you accidentally cause to someone not living in your home

Many other optional coverages can be purchased on your Mobile or Mini Home policy both to add or increase coverage limits on specific items like Jewellery, Antiques, Art, Business property, Electronics, Musical Instruments and Garden Tractors. You may also want to add coverage for specific types of losses not already included such as Water Damage or Sewer Back up, Woodstove, By-Laws, Identity Theft, and Earthquake.

The major difference between a Mobile or Mini Home policy and a Homeowners Policy are the requirements for insurance. For example Mobile home must be fully skirted, may require Tie Downs, may not allow a woodstove, and may require an appraisal. Also the type of policy your home is eligible for depends on the age of your mobile or mini home. So an older non-renovated home may only have specific listed loss types covered while newer or renovated homes may qualify for an All-Risk policy.

A broker can help you determine the best policy for your Mobile or Mini Home.

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