Tenants & Apartment Insurance

Your personal possessions are at risk of loss whether safely nestled in your apartment, bouncing around in the back seat of your car, or stuffed in boxes and stacked your parent’s basement. Tenants Insurance will not only safeguard your belongings from an unexpected loss but also your personal liability in case you accidentally hurt someone or damage their property.

As a renter, coverage for liability is extremely important. If you accidentally left a candle burning in your apartment and it caused a small fire you would be responsible not only for the damage done to the building but also to the damages done to your neighbour’s personal belongings. A Tenants policy will cover the damages done to others as well as the damages to your own belongings and any extra living expenses.

There are three main coverages included in a Tenants Insurance Policy:

  • Contents – Your belongings both in the apartment and away from your apartment
  • Additional Living Expenses – extra costs above your normal living expenses you incur because your apartment is unfit to live in after an insured loss
  • Liability – bodily injury and/or property damage you accidentally cause to someone not living in your home

A broker can help you decide on the best policy and coverage to protect your belongings for any accidental losses and you from any accidental losses you cause.

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